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    1. Identify your desire. What is it that you want to manifest? It could be anything from a specific outcome, a material possession, or a particular feeling or emotion. Type it in the designated field on the app below. Keep it short and straightforward. Just one thing in one sentence.

    2. Now read and focus on what you typed.

    3. Hit the Start button and close your eyes. Think about your desire as if you already have it. Picture it vividly. Imagine situations you'd experience in that reality. Immerse yourself in the picture your mind has painted. Allow yourself to feel the immense joy of having it, of being there. Feel it all. Picture what you're wearing in that moment. Your surroundings. Who else is there? What are they saying?

    4. Keep focusing on that thought until your 68 seconds are up. Your cue is when the music stops.

    5. Open your eyes and release your desire to the Universe. Trust that that reality is already parked in your future. Let the joy stay with you as you move on with your day.

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    "Since I started using the 68-second manifesting app, I've seen pretty surprising changes in my life. It's helped me focus my thoughts and energy on my dreams, and they're starting to come true! It sounds crazy, but this stuff works!"


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