Adobo Makes the World a Better Place

Adobo is the Philippines' national dish. It's a melting pot of flavors - salty (from the soy sauce), sour (from the vinegar), sweet (from the sugar), spicy (from the peppercorns), and savory (from the garlic and protein of choice). Five distinct flavors that, combined, create something amazing.

Adobo is the gateway dish to Filipino cuisine. Wherever you're from, whatever cuisine you grew up eating, you can appreciate adobo because no single ingredient stands out that might potentially turn off your palette. It's a beautiful combination that only gives hints of its parts.

The communities we belong to - family, friends, faith, work - are much like what makes adobo delicious. It's made up of different personalities, quirks, talents, and perspectives. We couldn't be more different than vinegar is to sugar, but when we come together, we have the potential to create something amazing.

We are all special ingredients in this beautiful world we live in and it wouldn't exist without one ingredient, without you, in the mix. So whether you're salty, sour, or sweet, you make a difference. You count. You matter. And so does everyone else, despite how different they may seem from you.

Not a single flavor that stands alone can entice any palette. It has to mix and mingle with others to enhance and complement what they have to offer, balancing each other out and in the process creating something out of this world that anyone, from anywhere, would love to have a taste of.

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