A Quick Pick Me Up

· Reflect,Pause,Recharge

There’s a beautiful lake 15 minutes from where we live. It has gorgeous winding trails, trees that bend over paths naturally providing shade over its visitors and an assortment of wildlife that swim in it, fly over it and crawl in it various nooks and crannies.

My husband has regularly walked all its trails (it has many) for years. It has been a proven remedy especially when his soul is tired or something’s keeping his mind from being still. He’ll leave agitated or stressed over something and come back a transformed person.

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For years he’d always ask me to join him. Every now and then I’d come along but mostly I’d decline. I’d have a ton of excuses. I have work to do. It’s too cold. Or parking’s probably packed if it’s the weekend. In truth, I have never been enamored by cardio activities. I am not a walker, a jogger, much less a runner. I’ve always been more into swimming and water sports. But for the last couple of years I’ve been getting into it, sometimes even initiating that we go.

The effect it has had on him has rubbed off on me. I’d savor the fresh air, look at the different views as if it was my first time there and still take photos here and there, even if I’ve been there hundreds of times.

It does something to my soul. Nature has that powerful ability to heal, to cleanse, to recharge, to renew.

I cannot explain why it does that or how.

It just does.

For a mere hour, it can replenish what feels lacking and reset my frame of mind.

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed or simply down in spirit, take an hour to escape to a similar place nearby or a park or even your backyard.

Spending time in nature is the fastest pick me up when you’re in the doldrums.

It’s time for a reset,


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