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"ASK and it will be GIVEN"

A baby cries when it wants food.

A dog barks when it wants your attention.

A home buyer writes an offer for a house they want.

A job hunter submits his/her resume for a position they want.

You want something, you make a move.

You ASK.

We instinctively do this for most of the basic things in life.


We don't even think much of it.

But when it comes to bigger life situations or events, we think we have to pray for it, wish for it, make a vision board out of it.

While these help, we can't realize what it is we want if we do not get around to actually asking.

The rule applies to everything, big or small - material things, relationships, career goals, financial situations...

Ask and it will be given.

You can ask out loud, in writing, or quietly in your head.

But you have to make the request.

Be clear.

Be blunt.

Be concise.

Then focus. Focus on it rapturously and consistently. Even for just a few minutes but do it every day and with all your heart and mental power.

Believe it will come into fruition.

Know that it is already done. Be grateful in advance that it's already parked in your future - whether it's tomorrow, next week or next month.

You can have, do, be anything you want in life. All life is waiting for is for you to ask it exactly what it is your heart desires. When you do, it'll start doing its part and specific circumstances will take shape, certain people will show up, strange opportunities will come in the form of an email, a random comment from a stranger, an article you come across or perhaps a memory of a previous conversation.

The Universe is always willing, able and ready to provide.

It's simply waiting for you to pop the question.

A Life Well Lived Team

"For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." - Matthew 7:8

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