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Be the Boss of Your Own Body

We're in Honolulu and it's been fun people watching. Not that you have much of a choice. People are just literally everywhere. All nationalities. All ages. All shapes and sizes.

No matter where you go, you're surrounded by a good mix of people. It is also very obvious who's in shape and who's not with the heat requiring the least amount of clothes, exposing your body.

There's a lot of walking here and you'll notice who's not bothered by it from straight postures, a good pace and an ease that makes them appear to glide.

And there are those, not necessarily just the older ones, who walk more slowly, hunched down, and sit on a bench every now and then to take a break. Some of them appear to be around my age (40's) and some even younger.

It made me realize even more that if you don't tell your body what you want, it will have no problem telling you what it wants. Through weak knees, lack of stamina, and shortness of breath among other aches and pains.

You have to be the boss of your own body.

Give it what you know it needs to keep up with your lifestyle - through nutritious food, regular exercise, and ample rest.

Feed your brain the same good stuff - books, brain games, smart podcasts, and the like. Abstain from or keep in strict moderation brain junk food such as social media, Netflix bingeing, the news, etc.

You make the call on everything you consume. No one can force you otherwise. Your body is a temple, not a garbage can. And not only is it sacred, it's the only one you've got.


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