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Beauty Lies in the In-Between

I have covered hundreds of weddings and other events throughout my years as a photographer. Often, the best images came from unexpected shots: moments in-between, candid and unrehearsed, where I'd catch a random burst of giggles, someone holding back tears, or a daughter giving her dad a reassuring squeeze.

My goal has always been to capture these raw moments because they are the images that truly tell a story.

We have the same moments in life that tell our own stories. Who we are. What we stand for. Who we love. What we'll fight for.

They are exposed in the same manner, when no one is looking, revealed only in the virtue of our decisions and the values guiding our actions.

What story are you writing?

Is it about love?



Who you are rests in the quiet of those moments. Not in the rehearsed version of you in the middle of a crowd or in front of an audience, be it one other person or a hundred. It's not the version of you in the final photos that make the cut and posted on social media. It's not any version of you whenever anyone's watching.

Who you are is found in the moments in-between. And it is there where you'll find your real beauty and the remarkable story your life is telling.

A Life Well Lived

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." - Coco Chanel

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