Changing Careers in Your 40’s

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My friend, who’s 45, is quitting her job of 14 years. She does not have a new job lined up no has any idea of what’s next.

She’s fed up.


And she’s taking a leap.

I’ve been in her shoes. A place where fear ironically meets a sense of relief. It’s going to be a rollercoaster, I told her. But it’s going to be ok. Just never lose hope when the job search begins.

Rejections will come, let there be no doubt. The question is, how many. You have to learn to accept that right now so it won’t sting as bad when you get those emails thanking you for your interest but they went with another candidate.

I don’t know a single person who left his/her job and landed the perfect position on the first application.

Typically you spread your resume away like bird seeds, wait for who responds, do the dance of interviews and see what happens. If you do get accepted, you cross your fingers that it works out. That will be followed by months of settling in, learning your new responsibilities, adapt to the culture, navigate the office politics and endure egos preying on you being the newbie.

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It’s a stressful situation, starting a new in one’s career. Scarier, I could imagine, the older you get. But worth it if your current job leaves you worn out, aimless and asking yourself “Is this it? Is this really what I’m going to do until I retire?”

If you find yourself asking those questions and they leave you feeling defeated, trapped, hopeless, depressed…maybe it’s time to go.

If you’ve had attempted to shift your mindset, considering the possibility that maybe it’s you, not the job, that needs fixing and it still didn’t work…maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

If you’ve had a fantastic weekend doing something you love or have been on a holiday and the sharp contrast of how you felt going back to the office almost brings you to tears…maybe…no, it IS time to remove yourself from that situation.

Spending 5 out of your 7 days a week in a toxic environment that leaves you depleted is no way to live.

There is something better suited out there for you.

Repeat after me:


It exists. Right now. At this very moment. And the position is waiting to be filled.

A job where you’ll find yourself smiling going to each morning. A job that’s not monotonous. A job that excites you. A job you’ll excitedly ramble on to your family and friends. A work environment that fits your personality. Cool colleagues. And a boss who actually cares (they absolutely exist!).

That job is out there waiting for you to find it.

So don’t give up during the hunt. That dream job might just be a click away.

To new beginnings,


A Life Well Lived Member