Did You Miss the Deadline?

· Perspective

I feel like I’ve been waking up in a different time zone the past few days though I’ve remained in the same place in Northern California.

We moved the clock an hour ahead yet again for DST. Just as seasons change and people collectively bemoan whether it’s “Oh man, I can’t believe it’s so hot today!” as we approach summer or “It’s too damn cold” as November rolls around the corner, everyone, seemingly in chorus, is complaining about the inconvenience of losing an hour, waking up late and re-adjusting their body clock and sleeping habits once again.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am not blind to the merits of the upheaval. I am going through it myself. But unless the government finally decides to abolish DST, it’s here to stay. And just like our four seasons, it’s something we need to accept, adapt to and move on.

Life goes on and if we’re not careful, complaining about something we cannot control can turn into an easy crutch.

A reliable excuse.

I was late because I slept past my alarm.

I can’t focus because I didn’t get enough sleep.

I missed my deadline because I couldn’t focus.

One excuse feeding another.

And when we have a bed of excuses to lean on, it’s easy to just sit back not try. Blaming is easier.

How about…

Try to set not one but multiple alarms 5 minutes apart, the first one an hour earlier than you usually set your clock (to make up for the added DST hour).

Try to remove all physical and digital distractions to allow you to focus on your work.

Try to prioritize better and deal with the main project at hand leaving the miscellaneous for later, maximizing your chances of meeting the deadline.

Treat any challenge, DST or otherwise, for what it is: a challenge. One you can beat, conquer and get over.

Something that, if you let it, can actually make you better, more malleable and not distraught in the face of change with your eyes still locked on the prize while everyone else whines and takes their time when in the end, we all simply must adapt.

To staying on course,


A Life Well Lived Member