Embrace the New You

· Transformation,Manifestation

Dan Kennedy, a well respected thought leader in marketing, is the man behind many brands you know and love. His teachings have fueled many product launches, political campaigns and transformed enterprises in different fields into household names.

One of the things he preaches is that people respond more to something brand new vs. something that’s merely been improved. The product may well be in fact just an upgraded version of an older model, but consumers will gravitate more to it if marketed as something totally new. Technically, it is, in the sense that this version never existed before. But to package a product as novel touches something in the human psyche.

People don’t want to fix things.

They want to replace what’s not working with something altogether different.

Brand new is more exciting. It implies the promise of new opportunity, new results, new possibilities.

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This idea can also be powerful when applied to visualizing when you’re trying to manifest a certain goal. If you wanted to change some aspect of yourself - whether it’s to gain confidence, lose 10 lbs., be more sociable, get a promotion, etc…imagine yourself as the brand new you.

Picture the whole package of this new person. How he/she talks, walks, how they are with other people, how they carry themselves. Envision how others are responding to the new you. The opportunities that seem to effortlessly land on your feet. Imagine how comfortably your face breaks into a smile, not taking anything too seriously, confident that no matter what, everything will be just fine.

The new you. Not you 2.0.

There’s no one else to sell it to but yourself. And to make the deal even sweeter, it’s absolutely free. Just a few minutes of focused thought a day. I don’t know about you but that offer sounds pretty hard to resist.

You only have to picture it in your mind,

The Universe