Is Money Your Constant Sorrow?

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A family member and his household are experiencing yet another slump. We all have our ups and downs, but this family’s chart has had very sharp highs and extreme lows.


They haven't learned the lesson.

One season, they’ll be in a deep financial drought. The next season, they’ll luck out and be able to breathe again. But each time, they’ll not only get comfortable, they would live like money’s never going to run out. They would buy multiple cars, all top-of-the-line, and the wife would purchase thousands of dollars worth of designer whatever-you-name-it and make sure they’re always in the background in all her social media posts. They would have one extravagant party after another and just throw money left and right.

Then something unexpected would happen, and they’d tank. Hard. Jobs would be lost, businesses would close, regular fights would ensue, fancy cars would be sold or traded in for an older model, and parties would be strictly potluck.

The last time they tanked, they had to file for bankruptcy, which makes the situation they’re in now twice as difficult. Plus, the husband just received a bad medical prognosis. So they have no money, medical bills are piling up, and they have no ability to get any type of loan due to their bankruptcy.

Where did all the money go?

To things.

Many. expensive. material. things.

This has happened so many times, I could no longer keep track. The Universe has been trying to teach them one lesson, yet they do the same thing over and over. Splurge like there’s no tomorrow each time they’re having it good. Just consume, consume, consume, buy, buy, buy.

If there’s a constant theme that keeps coming up in your life, whether it’s in your finances, your relationships, your career, or your health…that’s the Universe knocking on your door, saying, “Hey, you need to learn this.”

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Until you do, it will keep showing up in your life. It will be your story’s recurring theme and each time you simply dismiss it as a streak of bad luck. Pause for a second and ask yourself why is this happening again. For as long as you fail to recognize the lesson, it will continue to be your source of constant sorrow. You’ll be stuck in a loop where this thing, this dilemma, regularly pays you a visit. It could take the form of hard times financially, physically, emotionally, or mentally. Or all of them combined.

Each time you’re battling something, whatever it is, make it a habit to see what the obstacle is trying to teach you.

Learn from your problems.

Learn from your mistakes.

Learn from your painful experiences.

They’re there for a reason.

And until you learn the lesson, until you make some changes, you can count on it to keep haunting you until you do.


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