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Let's Make Kindness Viral

These days it's all about getting something viral. People and businesses creating content after content with the hope that this is it. This is what's going to be a hit. This is what's going to spread.

But what if we tried to make something else viral? Not a product. Not a service. A larger goal. One that would benefit all of us. One that would have a more meaningful end?

What if we made kindness viral?

Let's make it viral not just on social media but in our own lives, in the little space we occupy in this world. Let's make it viral with our actions. Let's make it viral with our words.

Let's do it not for likes or pats on the back.

Let's do it because it's good.

Because it's actually fun.

Because it makes us and the person receiving it feel good.

Because it's the right thing to do.

And hopefully one day we'll wake up in a world where there's less stress, less toxic people, less scheming, less anxiety, less mental illness, less worry, less road rage, less me, me and me and more of us, us and US.

A Life Well Lived Team

"Some miracles are just good people with kind hearts."

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A Life Well Lived Team