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Marketing is a four-letter word

Since when has marketing been a four-letter word?

Perhaps it came with the rise of spam calls from telemarketers.

Or from the barrage of fake emails from scammers pretending to be legit businesses.

Or maybe the growing number of stupid commercials.

But marketing isn't confined in the straightjacket of these examples.

You're a marketer each time you take a selfie and post it on social media.

You're a marketer when you pick which clothes to wear for an important meeting.

You're a marketer when you try to convince your spouse to try this new place on date night.

You're a marketer when you explain to your boss the merits of your request for a raise.

You're a marketer when you tell your kids why they need to eat their veggies.

You're a marketer each time you have applied for a job.

We're all marketers.

And we should scratch the idea that marketing is simply trying to fool someone into believing something false, or buy something they don't want.

Marketing, in its purest form, is helping someone be better off.

By opening their minds.

By introducing something new.

By helping them see what you see.

By explaining how things can be better for them by using/having/hiring/experiencing something or someone they otherwise wouldn't have considered.

Marketing, if used wisely and with good intent, is indeed a four-letter word.

Marketing, in essence, is an effort to H-E-L-P.