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Mixed Feelings

If you’ve ever had mixed feelings about something, you know the intense discomfort it entails. It can be over an assortment of things - work, relationships, what major to pick for college, a home purchase, and so on.

It would be easier if the path to be taken is clear, but in life, that’s rarely the case. Things aren’t often black and white. There’s a wide grey area in which we often find ourselves torn, confused, or worse, detached.

To help you navigate this stressful push and pull, sit down and write the positives and negatives of whatever it is you’re on the fence on. On the list of negatives, see what you can do something about - whether it’s a simple request, a heart-to-heart talk, or something you can change within you. And if there’s something you can’t change, there’s still another option: to lovingly accept.

Life is and never will be perfect.

Always expecting things to be uncomplicated is the perfect recipe for misery.

Life is messy with its guaranteed highs and lows, but there’s always meaning to be found on both ends.

Instead of trying to fix everything, accept that such is the nature of life and instead resolve to be alive in the middle of all that mess and learn to appreciate that both times of bliss and chaos are what makes life beautiful.


A Life Well Lived Team

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