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Starting from Ground Zero

House renovations and remodels always go smoothly, within budget, and exactly as planned. Said no one ever.

We're doing a bathroom remodel and what started as a project that involved simply removing the tub and installing glass doors and a new showerhead has turned into a full-on renovation. Plumbing is being reworked, bathroom walls stripped down, and cabinets and vanity replaced.

Halfway through the project, we realized it just wouldn't feel right in the end with half the bathroom looking brand spanking new and half of it left behind in the 80's.

The same thing goes with any project you're working on or even if you're working on yourself. You can't go about it with an end result that's half-baked.

Sometimes you have to strip it down completely and rebuild from zero. If you're working on yourself, first start with a no BS self-assessment. Recognize your areas for improvement, all bad habits that need to be dropped or replaced, their triggers, any childhood trauma that has developed into deep insecurities, and all the limiting beliefs you feel have held you back.

Have a raw and honest session with yourself. You may or may not find the following on your list:

Insecurities in...
- Relationships
- The way you look
- The amount in your bank account
- Your skills
- Your intelligence
- Your place in the hierarchy at work or in your family

- Drinking
- Smoking
- Drugs
- Gambling
- Gossiping
- Social media
- Video or phone games
- Netflix
- Shopping
- Eating

Limiting beliefs...
- I'm too old
- I'm too fat
- I'm too shy
- I don't have experience in __________
- I can never do __________
- I have no connections
- I don't have a lot of funds
- I don't have many friends
- I don't speak good English
- I live in __________
- I can never be __________
- I don't have time to __________
- I don't have the energy to __________

Take your time and write them all down. On a new sheet of paper, write what you can do about them.

When you go through your insecurities, you might find the reason behind some of them is listed under your habits.

For example, you're insecure in your relationship because of how you look, and how you look is because of your eating habits.

If you're insecure about the amount you have in your bank, it's probably because of your spending habits or other addictions (if any).

If you're insecure about your limited skills and knowledge in a certain area, it could be because you spend most of your time on Netflix or video games when you can be learning and practicing.

Do something about the habit and it will likely help get rid of the insecurity related to it.

For your limiting beliefs, write the opposite of the belief or what you can do about it. For example:
- I'm old but I still have time to do __________
- I'm too shy but I can start practicing starting a conversation instead of waiting to be spoken to
- I don't have experience in __________ but I can start reading up on it and practice what I learn
- I have no connections but I can start reaching out to __________ on forums, by calling __________ or joining clubs focused on __________

Put the word 'but' at the end of each limiting belief and follow it up with a positive action step. See what you come up with and let it guide you on what to do next.

If you're unhappy with your circumstances, start by changing who you are because your circumstances are a direct reflection of you. And fully understanding what that means is powerful. It's not easy, but it's worth it. Because it means that if you change, your life and your reality have no choice but to follow.

A Life Well Lived Team

"You can have more than you've got because you can become more than you are."
- Jim Rohn

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