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The Rhythm of Life: Riding Its Highs and Lows

Sometime around noon yesterday I checked my Robinhood and Stash apps. My portfolios were significantly down, both stocks and crypto.

This morning, they were back up as if yesterday never happened.

That was just a blink of an eye in its history.

A blip.

One day it's up. One day it's down. No one can predict it to a tee.

Similar to life, you make mistakes taking on bets you shouldn't have, learning from them, and getting to know its rhythm as you go. The more you experience, the more you get familiar with its constant highs and lows, understanding that none of them are ever permanent.

Just seasons that come and go.

Seasons that suggest you either hunker down or double down.

Or simply do nothing.

Realizing that this could just be one of those days called yesterday. That tomorrow, will feel like it never happened.


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