There's a Picasso in you

When you think of the word artist, what picture comes to mind? Maybe someone painting, someone acting on a stage, or perhaps your favorite musician. We usually relate art to something we see on a canvas, a screen, a gallery, or a stage, but art can also be found outside of these spaces.

Art is essentially beauty borne out of love. It is the ultimate expression of it. As such, it can be seen in how a parent raises a child. It can be found in an entrepreneur taking a bold step with a startup. It exists in the man commuting each day to a job he didn't really dream of but puts both food on the table and his child to a good school. Art is alive in the double and triple shifts doctors and nurses took on during the pandemic. It's in the person behind the fast food counter who gives a homeless person a free hotdog because he remembers how it was to be hungry with no money. It is in that one person who takes the time to get to know and help the intern on his first week.

There's an artist in all of us.

We create a fine work of art each time we choose to act as a human being over what the rules dictate. We produce something stunning to behold each time we act out of kindness instead of our egos.

Art is love.

And you are capable of creating a masterpiece each time you choose it without the need for a canvas, a gallery, or a stage.


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Life is beautiful,
A Life Well Lived