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What made you cry ten years ago...

I've been emptying our storage with this #365detoxchallenge when I stumbled upon a box of old journals. I picked one from ten years ago and ended up on a page where I wrote things I was dreaming of - from a car that didn't give me a constant headache to a figure for an annual salary. It made me smile, wishing I could tell the version of me from ten years ago that she'll not only have a car and be able to drive it with peace of mind, she'll have two. That she'll not only surpass the annual salary she was dreaming of but also have good investments on the side.

I remember the stress of driving a bucket, always nervous if I'll make it from point A to point B. The embarrassment of having to get a loan just to have it fixed when it majorly broke down. To skimp on bare necessities with minimum wage. The parties I didn't attend because I couldn't afford a present.

I don't remember how many times I cried myself to sleep, wondering how long this would go on. There was no light in sight. But the days turned into months and into years and slowly, things changed.

Doors opened.

People came into my life with opportunities for me to learn, to grow, and to prove what I'm capable of.

Sometimes it feels like time just passes us by and it seems like nothing's changed until we stumble on something from years back reminding us of how far we've actually traveled. Think about this next time you're longing for or dreaming about something. What keeps you up at night? Write it down to remind yourself ten years from now to be grateful at how awesome things turned out.