What will you choose to believe about yourself today?

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You wake up.

You stare into the darkness.

You close your eyes, realizing it's a Saturday.

You wake up again.

Something from the meeting yesterday enters your thoughts.

You think about the long Memorial Day weekend.

You realize you haven't packed yet.

You think about what to make the kids for breakfast before you head out for your little vacation.

You wonder if there's enough gas in the tank.

You are barraged with thoughts.

Thoughts that are innocent, on their own. But you start stressing out, just ever so slightly. By the time the day actually begins, you're barking orders left and right, yelling at your children to pack this, wash that, put their phones down and so on.

A Life Well Lived Blog What will you choose to believe about yourself today

In reality, there's really not a single thing to cause your anxiety.


You. are. going. on. vacation.

With the people you love the most.

Everything's been pre-booked.

You're ahead of time to beat the traffic. Enough time to get some gas. Enough time to enjoy breakfast with your family and finish packing.

But your mind has made a subconscious decision early on, while you're still in bed, that this is going to be a stressful morning.

Your children, your spouse, they're in a good mood, enjoying some eggs and toast until you barge in and start inducing them with your stressful energy.

It is always your choice to be the person you want to be.

It is always your choice what to believe about yourself, your situation, your plans, your future.

Believe you're going to be stressed out, you will be.

Believe you're going to enjoy a calm and beautiful morning getting ready, and you will.

Believe you're going to have back-to-back problems on the road on the way to your destination and you will.

But believe that it's going to be a fun and smooth ride on the way there and it will be. It doesn't even matter if you do hit some traffic. It's just a little hiccup.

Always stand guard of the thoughts that enter your mind. Be aware of where it starts to take you and change gears when you notice it's a place you don't want to be.

What happens in your mind becomes your reality.

And if you want happiness, ease, peace, love, and kindness, then you know the kinds of thoughts to feed it.

Have a beautiful long Memorial Day weekend.


A Life Well Lived Team