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Who Do You Choose to Be Today?

There's this thing I've been doing the last couple of weeks and it appears to be working.

The moment I wake up, I think of 3 virtues that I want to practice that day.

The virtues are guided by what my day entails. If I need to complete an important project, for example, I'd say in my head, "Today, I choose discipline."

If I felt I did something to offend someone the day before, I'd say, "Today, I choose kindness."

If I've been feeling stressed the last few days, I'd say, "Today, I choose joy."

So before I get up, I'd silently say three of these in my head.

"Today, I choose __________."
"Today, I choose __________."
"Today, I choose __________."

The word choose makes a difference. The intent of choosing, I've noticed, sticks with me the rest of the day. Like planting a seed in my subconscious that quietly choreographs my actions.

I notice it in the decisions I make, the results I get, and in the lightness of my interactions.

It doesn't have to be the same virtues everyday, though it can be. It depends on what you feel you need to practice the most that day with your specific circumstances.

It can be patience.

It can be love.

It can be focus.

It can be strength (physical, emotional or mental)

It can be compassion.

It can be humility.

It can be moderation.

It can be whatever you need it to be.

It reminds me of Benjamin Franklin's Thirteen Virtues. You can read more about it here and see a sample here. But if you want your own personal habit tracker to customize, here's a blank slate.

Or, you can keep it simple and simply start your day thinking and choosing the virtues you would like to focus on and who you want to be.


A Life Well Lived Team

"Virtue alone is sufficient to make a man great, glorious and happy." - Benjamin Franklin

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