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Work Life Balance is a Myth

If you've been struggling with work-life balance, it's probably been quite the December for you. But the last stretch of the year doesn't have to be a hurdle. It can be a home run.

When we were young, time was on our side, our energy infinite. We've managed to keep pace with life and everything it threw at us. Through the years, we've stumbled upon many curiosities, some of which have turned into passions. But many have turned into something that served only to fill our time and not necessarily fill us up. Distractions. Something we enjoyed at one point but now seems like just one more thing to do.

Before the year ends, I invite you to reflect on the things, people, activities that truly steady your heart, that fills your soul, and feeds a well that runs deep.

Look beneath all of your usual dizzying distractions, beyond the things you do because you're just going through the motions, behind the things that work well on easy days.

Find the things, people, activities that you've proven to serve as a real refuge. Something or someone you can rely on when things get difficult. They're already there. You're already drawn to them. You just have to figure out who and what they are that wakes you up, that brings you life, and then lean into them.

It could be your spouse, children, a few friends, writing, gardening, cooking...Make space to nurture them and ruthlessly drop every cheap distraction that has crept into your life. And maybe, just maybe, you can say goodbye to 2023 and welcome a brand new year with renewed perspective, no longer chasing balance, because you've grounded yourself enough by simply focusing on the things and people that truly matter.


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