• A Life Well Lived Self-Development Sprint 5 20 Bi Monthly

    "No one has ever become poor by giving."

    - Anne Frank

    This challenge is to set aside $20 twice a month (at the beginning and middle of each month). That's $40/month, an easy enough amount to set aside for most. Ideally, you start in January, because the goal is to have $440 by the end of November. This can buy a good amount of food, hot beverages, and/or blankets to share with the needy.


    Here are some ideas of what $440 can buy:

    - 54 of Costco's large $7.99 pumpkin pies

    - 44 $10 Starbucks gift cards

    - 29 of Costco's cozy $15 blankets

    - 31 dozens of donuts at Dunkin Donuts

    - 576 of Costco's delicious jumbo muffins

    - 88 of Costco's large and juicy rotiserrie chickens

    - 44 of Costco's yummy 18-inch pepperoni pizzas


    I used a lot of Costco examples because I love Costco for their quality products and great deals. You may not have a Costco membership but you get the idea. You can buy food wherever you want - from Target, your local grocery, or to really stretch your dollar and add an extra layer of love, use it to buy the ingredients and cook/bake some delicious treats yourself and prepare them in individually wrapped packages to hand out.


    $440 can go a long way in spreading love and cheer and making a lot of hungry bellies happy during the holidays. If you stumble upon this in the middle of the year, don't hesitate to start. Whatever amount you end up with has the potential to brighten up someone's. Are you in? Use hashtag #21bimonthly to spread the word and when you share photos in December!

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