365 Detox Challenge

It's Day 1 of 2024 as I write this.


That sounds so futuristic.

But here we are. This year, we'll introduce new challenges to take on. The first one starts today but any day you stumble upon this is as good a day as any.

It's the 365 Detox Challenge.

The rules are simple. In fact, there's only one. Each day, for the next 365 days, get rid of (at least) one thing. That's it. That cute pair of shoes that unfortunately gives you blisters? Out. That dress two sizes smaller that you swore you'll fit into a year ago but haven't? Out. That book you half-read because it was so boring but makes you look smart displayed on your bookcase? Out.

Whether you toss it, donate it, burn it, or gift it to someone who has better use/need of it - one rule applies: get it out of your life and move on.

Eventually, as hard as it might be to let go of some things, you'll find its real insignificance as you move along with your life without actually missing it. And the more you discard, the more empowered you'll be with your newfound ability to let go, to live with less, uncluttered physically and mentally with stuff you've held on to to remind you of something either from your past or something you might use in the future - both of which aren't really here. The present. The here and now. The one moment in time that truly matters.

And when you can focus more on the present, the more inclined you'll be to gratitude, thankful for the simple things, recognizing how little can be enough, and you'll begin to take notice of the many blessings that fill your life but have usually gone unnoticed behind all the clutter.

Today is Day 1. I've posted my first item here. And I will post each item I discard in the next 364 days. I might discard more than one item on days I feel extra purgy. You can, too. So what do you say? Are you in? Are you ready to break free from your physical and mental fog? Use hashtag #365detox when you share stuff you're parting with. Can't wait to see them.