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Heaven is Right Here

We were on one of our daily lakeside walks when my husband broke our silence and quietly asked, "Do you think we'll also go on our walks in heaven?" I turned to him smiling and said, "Heaven is right here."

Then we looked around observing the beautiful scenery, the happy faces that passed us, and took a deep breath of the pure, clean air. We said nothing more, quietly in agreement that, yes, in that moment, as we peacefully walked hand-in-hand, we were indeed in heaven.

Heaven doesn't have to be just a distant fluffy place we earn an entrance ticket to.

Heaven can be right here. It is here. In this very moment. And you only need to shift your perspective to see it. Clue, gratitude is the lens that can give you a glimpse.

You can see it in your child's eyes as he/she gingerly tugs at you, inviting you to play.

It's present in between belly laughs and good times with your family.

It's in that long bountiful hug with someone you just picked up from the airport you haven't seen in forever.

It's in your elders' joyful smile, as if having just discovered a winning lottery ticket, upon seeing their grandkids or great grandkids.

Or you could find it, like we did, in the middle of doing something so simple as taking a walk somewhere beautiful with the one you love.

There is truth in the saying, "Life is what you make of it." You can create your own heaven, or hell for that matter, depending on what lens you're wearing. At the end of the day, you choose what reality to create, what kind of life to live. And if you have (and use) the keys of gratitude, you can get a taste of heaven while still walking on earth.


Want to get a taste of heaven? Here's a Gratitude Journal Template to start with. We believe keeping life simple (by removing physical, mental, and emotional distractions) paves the way to being more present which leads to gratitude which is the key to happiness (or heaven on earth). Join us at A Life Well Lived to begin creating a life with less stress and more happiness.

A Life Well Lived Team