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Everything WILL Be Ok

There's this thing that's been bothering you, bugging you, sitting in the back of your mind for days, weeks, perhaps years even. It pops in your head when you wake up. It interrupts your thoughts several times each day. You think about it again before you doze off.

The unknown leaves you feeling uneasy, draining you mentally and emotionally with every second spent wondering how things will unfold, when only time can tell. Only the future knows. But the waiting, the guessing, the anticipation leaves you empty.

As we just said goodbye to another year, I wish you the same ease of letting go of the past as you do with what's yet to come. One gone, the other not quite here, both we have no control over. What we can do, however, is to embrace them. Embrace them with gratitude and embrace them all - both trimuphs and moments of joy as well as hard-fought lessons and strength gained from times when you feel like breaking down.

So many amazing things are yet to happen, you have no idea. Some, you probably already expect. Most, hiding behind uncertainty. Let's embrace them all - both known and unknown, certain only of the fact that no matter what, everything will be ok, YOU will be ok. You're living proof of that already. You, bruised, scars and all, from all your pains, are here - standing, breathing, living, creating, loving.

Moreover, as we gratefully embrace both past and future, let us not forget to do the same with the present. The only moment in time that requires no reminiscing or speculating. The only moment in time that requires you to just be. The only point in time we have some form of control. To appreciate what/who we have, who we've become, and work on things/relationships/goals that will shape our future.

To all, may you have a spectacular 2024 as you had a 2023.

May you live in bliss.

May you live in love.

And may you always live stoked by the beauty of the present.


We're huge fans of minimalism and advocate the importance of doing fewer things (but better). We believe "keeping it simple" is life's best strategy. Do you? Join us at A Life Well Lived and start 2024 with less stress and more happiness.

Make this year one for the books,
A Life Well Lived Team