Championing Positivity

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To say that the world is going through a few rough patches is an understatement. Our planet is experiencing quite the transformation and it’s taking us along for an interesting ride. Everything we considered normal now feels like a thing of the past — the way we shop, work, eat, play and interact with other people…Our lives have been altered in some form or another.

The frenetic energy around us is palpable and it is hard to ignore. People are either tired, bored out of their minds, worried to death or simply exhausted from all the adjustments we’re all going through.

Now, more than ever, it is up to us to not only maintain our sanity but to attempt to serve as a light when other people need one in their lives.

You’ve probably already heard tons of advice on how to raise your own positivity: daily gratitude, visualization, spending time in nature, meditation, working on projects that you enjoy, watching funny movies or something even as simple as listening to upbeat music. All these might start to make you feel better.

But watch out! Unfortunately, sometimes after you’ve reached a good place, you may encounter the Negative Nancies and Debbie Downers of the world. Often, you’ll find them in your friendships or even at your family dinners. Usually they’re well-meaning, Negativity has just become a toxic habit of theirs, one they’re sometimes not even aware of.

Don’t immediately dismiss them as just one of those “annoying ones.” If you look closer, they need our help even if they’re unaware of it. They are trapped in their ways and especially if they’re family or friend, all the more that we should not give up lovingly challenging their ways.

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Try to turn things around by changing the topic of conversation into a positive one when they’re starting to put a damper on the conversation. Or, on the other hand, don’t change the conversation at all. Stick with it, practice patience and actually listen to what they have to say. There might be a golden nugget in there for you. We cannot give up on them especially if they are family and friend. It’s not enough that we raise our own positivity. Let's constantly challenge ourselves to make sure it rubs off on people who need and who we care about the most.


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