Embracing Change

· Courage,Perspective,Resilience

If there was ever a time when you have experienced the most change, I’d bet that that time is now. The world is moving in such a fast and turbulent pace that sometimes you feel like you can’t keep up. But then again, you surprise yourself and find that you’re able to roll with the punches no matter how chaotic life may be.

You’re still able to show up for work though it might be from home, manage to nurture your children while they also study from home; able to provide for your family despite the challenges of generating an income.

Because that’s we do. That’s what humans do. We adapt. We bounce back. We figure things out. And more often than not we come back stronger and wiser.

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So embrace change. Get excited with challenges. It’s what life throws at you in order to grow. It’s what feeds your creativity and strengthens your resilience. It’s what makes you think out of the box and experiment with new strategies that comfort wouldn’t have allowed you to explore.

It’s when great ideas are born. Ideas that challenge the old. Ideas that ruffle how things have been done. Ideas that innovate. Ideas that are fearless.

So do not be scared of change. Matter of fact, be a person brave enough to cause change. It just might be one of the most important things you’ll ever do for yourself. Because a person who just stays put and never makes an attempt to make things better is a person who simply doesn’t trust herself to handle what happens next. And we know that’s not you.


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