Clearing Your Room's Energy

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It’s like Spring cleaning once again. Except it’s Fall. Everyone here is buzzing about, adding to the continuing Thanksgiving grocery list, cleaning and purging what’s not needed to make room and prepare for the celebrations ahead.

In a week’s time, friends and family will be streaming in to spend time together and reflect on what we’ve been grateful for in the past year and what we hope to continue to be grateful for in the next.

But back to our housekeeping frenzy. I personally have been having a ball going through old belongings and happily tossing out unwanted items. When I get into these purging moods, I get on a roll, riding on a liberating high with every item that I, quite literally, am taking out of my life.

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I feel more energized the more clutter I dispose of. I feel lighter knowing I’m little by little only being surrounded by the essentials. The energy in my surroundings almost immediately shifts to a more positive energy.

It truly is magical.

It is also the key to welcoming more useful and beneficial things in my life because you can’t welcome more good things if there simply isn’t any room for them.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to spend some time today to pause and really feel what the energy is like in your home. Is it suffocating or uplifting? If you look around and what you see stresses you out, take some time to do some purging yourself before hanging decorations or even planning your Thanksgiving meals. Clearing the energy of your home is the most auspicious thing you can do for your upcoming celebrations.

Out with old and in with the new,


A Life Well Lived Member