Great Change is Inescapable

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A friend surprised me with a visit the other day. We spent a pleasant afternoon chit chatting and catching up. I asked her how her (only) daughter was doing and she confided that she’s been quite depressed lately. I asked why and she said she didn’t get this dream job she was so hoping she’d get.

She went on to say how her daughter has been talking about this job since the day she submitted her application, took lengths to find the perfect interview outfit and practiced answers to potential questions that might come up.

My friend said her daughter looked fantastic on the day of the interview, all polished and professional looking. But she was a nervous wreck. She kept reminding her mom not to keep her hopes up, that nothing’s for sure. And she drove off.

She came back a few hours later and said it seemed to have gone well. And the wait began.

A couple of weeks later, she received an email from the company letting her know that they went with another candidate.

She was devastated.


She told her mom and mumbled “I knew I wasn’t going to get it…” as she walked away back to her room.

This is one of countless examples of how there’s a misalignment between our outer world and what’s going on in our heads.

Remember this:

You can only do so much to change your life, for better or worse, simply by manipulating the material world (the clothes you wear, the things you surround yourself with…). But great change is inescapable when you first begin manipulating the world of your thoughts.

You have to start from within.

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Start with the awareness of the types of thoughts that marinate in your head. Are they helpful? Positive? Hopeful? Confident?

Or are they limiting thoughts that hint you’re not good enough, not deserving?

Thoughts really do materialize into your reality. Everything starts with an idea.

What kinds of thoughts do you constantly entertain in your head? Are they thoughts rooted in fear or in hope? If you find you have a tendency to have scared thoughts, fearing the worst, I invite you to do a regular mental cleanse.

Awareness is the first step. If you catch yourself thinking along negative lines, subdue it immediately by simply replacing them with good ones. Just imagine the opposite. Forget about the “how’s” - just imagine it, feel it, and let’s see what changes come about.

To being the master of your fate,


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