Coming Back Up for Air After Covid

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The last 3 years seem to be a blur. It feels like we went through a global vortex and those of us lucky enough to have made it alive on the other side seem to have gone through an “aging spurt.”

You know how kids go through a growth spurt? It only takes one summer and thirteen-year-olds grow 4 inches taller, start growing hair in different places and their voices jump a notch or two lower.

It’s similar to that but an aging version of it. You can witness it among friends, family, co-workers, and even people on TV. People suddenly look 8 or 10 years older. Haggard and stressed out. Elders who were still perfectly functional before the pandemic are now starting to lose their balance, their memory, their zest for life. Newscasters who once appeared youthful and energetic look like they haven’t slept a fortnight.

It was like we were thrown straight into an apocalyptic movie almost overnight.

No matter what side you were on on the decisions leaders made and the protocols that were enforced…

No matter what your economic standing is, whether you’re rich or just getting by…

No matter how old or young you are…

Had a job or not…



Have kids or not…

We were all caught off guard and burnt out by the pandemic. None of us are quite the same, whether we’d like to admit or even realize it or not.

We’re all just coming back up for air and trying to resume where we left off. Trying to regain some sense of normalcy.

It’s not easy. Some are still struggling to get their businesses afloat. Some are still dealing with the mental toll of being robbed of all forms of human connection. Some are still trying to recuperate from the physical strain of non-stop working during that time, afraid to lose their jobs if they didn’t show up. Some are still dealing with the financial burdens left by months without a paycheck and leaving them no choice but to max out their credit cards.

We’re all dealing with something. That's why we created this 14-day challenge, hoping it helps ease the weight of what you’re going through. A 2-week journey that leads you towards clarity, out of the dense fog you’re still trying to come out of, and inspires in you the hope that despite all the horrible things that happened, there was some good that came out of it.

That no matter what or whom you lost, whether it’s a loved one, your livelihood, a relationship, or a business you were just getting off the ground, there are still greener pastures to look forward to. There are many more beautiful things, more than you can imagine, waiting for you in your future.

And if we can find the particular lesson meant just for us from that messy period and gather strength from everything that fell apart instead of letting it break us, we can not just resume as normal but actually welcome a brand new chapter that offers a more satisfying story than the one we were trying to write.

Coming Back Up for Air After Covid: A 14-Day Challenge

Daily challenges include:

Day: 1 - Reflect, Rebuild and Reconnect

Day: 2 - Take Action and Create Your New Normal

Day: 3 - Reclaiming Your Vitality

Day: 4 - Rediscovering the Joy Social Connection

Day: 5 - Nurturing Mental Health Post-Pandemic

Day: 6 - Adapt and Thrive

Day: 7 - Reinventing Yourself in a Post-Pandemic World

Day: 8 - Finding Strength and Resilience Amidst Loss

Day: 9 - Empowering Yourself in the Face of Adversity

Day: 10 - Finding Joy in Challenging Times

Day: 11 - Redefining Your Path

Day: 12 - How Adversity Can Teach Us to Be Better Prepared

Day: 13 - Navigating Life's Seasons

Day: 14 - An Attitude of Gratitude

A Life Well Lived