False Hopes

Have you ever thought something would go down a certain way, almost 100% positive it would, but it didn't? You didn't just think it would happen, you banked on it. With or without reason, in your mind, it couldn't go any other way. So when it turned out to be the opposite of what you were anticipating, it felt like a ton of bricks. Like a long-awaited promotion that never came, a seemingly perfect job interview to a job you didn't end up getting, your first break-up, a divorce after 15 years of marriage, a thriving business that gradually fizzled, finding out you can't conceive, a terminal diagnosis despite your healthy lifestyle, overall decline after you retired thinking you were finally going to have the time of your life.

False hopes.

It happens to each and everyone of us at some point in our lives. And yet the ones that hurt the most teaches the most invaluable lesson - that nothing is ever guaranteed. That no matter how meticulously followed the steps, no matter how you crossed all your T's and delicately danced through the motions, there are cosmic forces that decide to show up in our lives when we least expect it. To throw us a curveball to see if we can catch it. And if we can't, to see what we can learn from it.

I'm not saying we just have to stop caring. To stop trying. Hard work matters. Purpose matters. Struggle matters. There is a beautiful pay off, a silver lining, to these things. But go about your business without pouring your entire life to it. There are other important elements in your life that deserves attention. Your family. Your health. Your spirit. Give them the time and love they need and it will repay you by replenishing your well to the brim.

Focus on your target not with and all-or-nothing blinders but with a pomodoro-like strategy where you have periods when you attack with full force with breaks in between. To breathe. To live. To re-evaluate. To play in the real world. So you can return to what you're working on with renewed perspective and more to give.

A Life Well-Lived Team Member

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