Thank You for Another 24 Hours

This morning as I did my morning prayer, I found myself giving thanks from a new perspective. I gave thanks for the simple yet magnificent gift of another 24 hours.

24 hours to do whatever I want.

Another day to get to call my parents.

Another chance to hug someone I love.

A chance to have an interesting conversation with someone.

Another chance to write.

To create.

To do something crazy.

To laugh at something random.

To fix something.

To help someone.

To dare try something new.

Or to just be.

To pick a trail and walk into the woods and just be.

And just feel and immerse myself in the magnificent beauty of the most amazing playground we're all blessed to play in. With billions of other beautiful creatures and players.

I'm thankful for today.

What an enormous, amazing gift it is.

The gift of time.

The freedom to do whatever I please.

To love and be loved.

To play a game where the prize itself is the chance to play it.