Impromptu Zumba Class?

Out of nowhere yesterday, this question popped in my head: "If I only had a few weeks to live, what would I want to do?"

I began a mental list and my first thought surprised me, which was to put up an online ad inviting anyone who'd care to join me for a Zumba class in my favorite park, Lake Chabot, and dance to oldies such as Uptown Girl, December 1963, Surfing USA and maybe some Bee Gees.

I was like, damn, I really am past my mid-forties. Zumba is something my mom and my aunties are into but I guess it's my time to be initiated into the club.

The thought made me smile so I tossed my mental list aside, got up and played those songs on my Spotify app with Alexa as my speakers.

I led myself in my first ever Zumba class, dancing in my bedroom, making up moves as I go. Without a care in the world, I kicked, swayed, jumped, clapped, twisted, turned, raised my hands and repeated those moves in random combinations to the beat of Billy Joel, Frankie Valli and the Beach Boys.

I was exhausted sooner than I expected, not used to aerobic exercise, but was pleased to know that my heart was pumping not just blood but something else.


Out of something random. Out of taking immediate action without hesitation on what my heart told me to do. What does that mean?, I thought. Then I understood. That maybe we should listen to our hearts more. That it may be on to something. Maybe it has always known what we always wanted to do, go, and be. But our minds can't help but join and often take over our mental conversations, prioritizing money, public opinion, and status than what truly make our hearts pound.

Most of you reading this are in your forties and fifties. So am I. We're a little past our midway point and I suggest a restructuring in this business called our lives.

Consider your mind stepping down to an advisory position with your heart replacing its role as CEO. Then see what happens. I expect great things, fun things, from this newly appointed leader and more heart-pounding moments from doing something as simple as dancing to Billy Joel.

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