Have You Forgotten How to Feel ALIVE?

I sat with my elbows propped on the scuffed black table, my butt on the edge of my seat, my head turned to the left staring out the window. Fat raindrops snaked on the glass blurring by vision but every now and then a rough gust of wind would wipe a spot just enough for me to see the kite surfers playing at the lagoon two hundred feet away.

I counted. There were sixteen of them. No two going in the same direction. No two kites alike. I spotted a purple one with black stripes, a green one with a yellow thunder symbol, a red and black one with a cross in the middle. I couldn't make out their faces but I could make out the shape of their bodies each time they caught good wind and fly 30 feet or so in the air, twisting and turning, like acrobats from Cirque du Soleil.

"How wild," I thought. In this storm, when every local news reporter advised to be safe and stay indoors, these fools took that as a sign to grab their gear and head out to play.

That is insane.

And awesome.

To have the cohones to go out there and live. To literally and figuratively let the turbulent winds take you where it may. To fly like a bird in the middle of a storm and let the rain pound hard on your face to remind you you're alive. To let the ice cold water wake you up and drown out the rest of the world who'd rather sleep, who prefer to be safe, who'd choose comfort over heart-pounding excitement any day.

It was a sight to see. So intense, that a spectator like me on the warmer side of that window could feel a sliver of what they feel, how good it is to be alive.

You hear the words "new normal" a lot these days, describing where we are post-pandemic. But when you look around you, experiencing first-hand the toll it took on your kids, your parents, your friends, you - are you really willing to accept that this is our "new normal?" Have we forgotten how it is to truly feel alive?

A mental disease epidemic isn't normal.

Isolation isn't normal.

Wearing masks isn't normal.

Worrying non-stop isn't normal.

Negativity isn't normal.

Violence isn't normal.

A cancel society isn't normal.

Seriously take a moment and answer this: Are you willing to accept this as the new norm?

I expect most of you wouldn't. And that's a fantastic start. If we're on the same boat, we get to choose where we want to go, together. The craziest situations don't always require a bold move to bust out of like kite surfing in the middle of a storm. Sometimes, the simplest baby step can just be as powerful.

Reach out.

Talk to someone. Don't just bottle it in. And if you're doing okay, again, reach out. There's one or two people in your life who desperately need someone to talk to and they're likely not going make the first move. They're embarrassed. In denial. They don't want to take much of your time. They don't want to look dramatic. Or ungrateful. Or, they just don't now. They're unaware that they're going through something.

If something's weighing on your heart, no matter where you are - be it concerns about work, family, health, or even nosy neighbors - know that I'm here to lend an ear. While I'm not a professional therapist, I'm a friend ready to listen. Thanks to the wonders of technology, reaching out is as simple as a few clicks, whether you're in India, Indonesia, or California. If you feel like sharing or just need to vent, you're welcome to send me a message through this online form. You have the option to remain anonymous if you prefer, or you can leave your email if you'd like a response. Additionally, I'll be addressing common issues and sharing insights in the next newsletter.

I'm here for you,
A Life Well Lived