Is It Time to Cash Out?

We were in Vegas recently for our annual Chinese New Year celebration. I had more luck than usual at the slots and this firecracker-themed one in particular at the Caesar's Palace was giving me lots of fireworks.

$20 turned into $50 then $100 about 40 minutes in. It won't stop giving but the player beside me was smoking a cigar and it was giving me a headache.

I kept playing, thinking this was my moment. This was the machine, the only one, that would give me luck. Until I started to feel sick, beginning to doubt if I could make it back to our hotel.

I hesitantly cashed out and started walking back. I made it and after chugging a bottle of water plus a Tylenol and splashing my face with cold water, I felt better.

That evening, I found another machine, conveniently located in our hotel - a fish-themed one this time. That slot machine turned out to be more generous than my old firecracker. There was no one smoking beside me or anywhere near me for that matter and it was way more fun to play, with the cute little fish dancing after every few spins.

Which led me to thinking...

There may be times when we feel stuck in a situation. One wherein we feel that that's the only option. It may even begin to feel toxic and uncomfortable but we construct this story in our heads that this is the only thing available, not realizing that there are other opportunities out there - in better conditions, and perhaps better payouts. Take a good look at the situations you're putting up with and if it's giving you a constant headache, it might be time to cash out.

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