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Indulging Won’t Lead You to Happiness

Thanksgiving is three weeks away. Leftover Halloween candy is still laying around while we prepare for the biggest feast of the year to be followed by yet another just a month after.

The last quarter of each year is depicted by huge banquets - tables and kitchen counters full to the brim with turkey, ham, mac ‘n cheese, multiple sides and an assortment of pies and other desserts.

Even if you weren’t planning to indulge, there’s a tendency to behave the same way as the people you’re surrounded with. And if they’re getting seconds or even thirds, chances are, so might you.

But memories of past years’ day-after guilt, tummy aches and weight gain should be enough for us to ask, “Should we do it all over again?”

You’d think.

I’m not suggesting you skip Thanksgiving and holiday parties. These are fabulous times that great memories are made of. What I am inviting you to try is a modified approach this season - an attempt at moderation instead of inhibition. Pausing before you feel satiated and let all that delicious food settle before you consider getting seconds. To eat with your mouth and not with your eyes. To spend more time interacting, socializing and conversing than eating. To be more grateful for the company than the deserts on the table.

This is my favorite time of the year, especially the holiday season. But what gives it more meaning are the quiet moments in between bites, when you look around, surrounded by family and friends, and realize with unflinching gratitude how beautiful life really is.

I wish you many of these moments. May you and your loved ones have a very happy Thanksgiving.


A Life Well Lived Team

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