What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

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I just finished writing my New Year’s resolutions and was quite surprised the list ended up a little longer than I had anticipated. I didn’t realize there were that many things I’d like to change. That’s what resolutions essentially are - things you resolve to change for the better. Exercise more. Eat healthier. Stop doing this. Quit that.

They also typically include plans for the new year. Goals you simply don’t wish to happen, but actually plan to attain. It’s not quite a wish list where you write a bunch of things and wait for life to just hand them to you. No, you need to be intentional about it and have a plan of action to back it up, first of which is to carve out some time in your schedule to actually work on them.

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I know for a lot of you, that needs no explanation. But I know of a few folks who treat resolutions as such. I want to be skinny. I want a million dollars. I want my business/product to be viral. I want to make amends with so and so. I want my marriage to work out and so on and so forth.

And yet weeks, months into the new year, they have not done a single thing towards that goal. You ask them about it and they give you an even longer list of excuses. That’s why the same goals end up on their resolutions year after year.

So, if you haven’t written yours down quite yet, I invite you to sit down in a quiet space where you know you won’t be interrupted within the next hour or so. Review how your life has been in 2022, not with regret but with gratitude.

Sometimes, in solitude, away from the daily stresses of work and household, you can have a clearer picture of how things really are. And more often than not, they’re really not so bad. They only seem more extreme than they really are in the middle of a hectic day when little hiccups snowball into something seemingly insurmountable. When in reality, they really are just that - little hiccups. Small and trivial challenges that you’re more than capable of fixing. Just little messes to clean up.

The ultimate goal of any pursuit is to find a place of happiness. If we accomplish something we set out to attain, we feel only then will we find it. We think that happiness can be reached by being at the right place at the right time. But sometimes, when you take a deeper look at everything and everyone around you through a lens of gratitude, you’ll find that you’re already there.

To another year to be thankful for,


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