Taking a Step Back

· Pause,Recover,Reflect

I just got back from an entire week spent with my girlfriends. It was the best holiday spent laughing, eating, shopping, talking until the morning, listening to music from when we were in high school and reminiscing about the stupid things we used to do.

No drama. No judgement. No negativity.

Just pure love. Bountiful kindness and acceptance and freedom.

Some of them I haven’t seen for 14 years but as soon as we got together it felt like not a single thing has changed.

It was a great escape for all of us. We all have different challenges in our individual worlds, some more trivial than others, but a challenge nonetheless.

But just for one week, we all got to de-stress and for what felt like merely a second, we were able to breathe and exhale all of life’s problems and recharge our souls.

As fun as it was, I wasn’t depressed coming back home. The entire experience triggered a reset button in my head and in my heart which made me appreciate everything I was coming back home to even more. I came back a different person. A better person. A more loving person. Kinder. And more appreciative of who and what I have in my life.

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We need to pull away from our lives every now and then. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a weeklong holiday with friends (though I highly recommend it if it’s a viable option). It can be going somewhere alone, even for just a day or two. Perhaps join a retreat where you can have solace that allows you time to reflect or maybe rent a cabin for a weekend.

Stepping away from your regular routine allows you to see your life for what it truly is. It also allows you to see who you really are. It gives way to tremendous gratitude and provides a well of energy and creativity for the work you do.

It truly is a magnificent way to recharge.

I hope starting this year, you’ll make it a point to carve out some time to step away. For only in leaving can you truly make strides moving forward.

To refilling your well,


A Life Well Lived Member