Perfect is a Unicorn

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I’ve been listening to this author in this mastery course for a few days now. Just a week in and I have a long list of tips, strategies and daily rituals to help promote peak performance. But reading the list makes me balk a little. For one, just on day one it suggests I wake up at 4 am. Followed by a 3-hour ritual that involves meditating/praying for an hour, exercising the next and feeding my mind the last hour. That all sounds amazing, in theory.

I find myself waking up when I usually do. I pray/meditate, though not for an hour. I work out maybe three times a week, usually at midday. And I do feed my mind with a book each night followed by a podcast or an audiobook until I fall asleep. The prescribed elements are there, though not in the chunk of time it suggests and definitely not all in the morning.

The succeeding modules reveal several templates for me to fill out each day and the end of week review consists of 13 pages.

I like the author of this mastery course and understand what he’s getting at. But I can’t strictly adhere to every single thing in the order advised. I do get and apply the golden nuggets peppered throughout the course and adapt them to my routine. It still works.

I am just a few modules in and who knows? Maybe one morning in the next few days I might get up at 5, then maybe 4:30 or even by some miracle, 4.

Maybe halfway through the course I meditate longer than I normally do, or perhaps feel like working out in the morning instead of the middle of the day.


My point is, I try. And that’s all I can do. Try, adapt and soldier on. I don’t beat myself up for not perfectly adhering to the prescribed routine to the letter. If I did give myself a hard time, I might’ve already given up.

Perfect is imaginary.

A unicorn.

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A peak no one can really get to climb but fun attempting to. Because if you think you’re just halfway there, you’re actually miles from basecamp.

You’re better and stronger and wiser than who you were when you started.

So don’t wait for perfect. Aim for progress. It might be getting in the way of you being extraordinary.

Sometimes good is good enough.

To stumbling here and there,


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