Getting What You Want

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I was at the dentist today. Typically, dentist day is no fun day. I’ve had one too many trips to the dental office where I just planned a simple cleaning and came home with a treatment chart costing about the same amount as a used Toyota Prius. And the treatment, I’m often told, is not even guaranteed to be a 100% fix.

The amount would loom over my head for days, weeks…until I decide to just forget about it. Nothing is hurting in my mouth, no tooth wiggling and I have pretty good oral hygiene. I do not need this, at least for now. I assume they just want some $$$ for a procedure I don’t necessarily need to have done at this moment plus they even admit it’s not a guaranteed fix.

So the same thing would happen on my next visit…and the next. Maybe that’s why I’ve been to 3 to 4 dental practices in the last 5 years. Was I hoping they’d say something different?

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Needless to say, I went to a new dentist today. But something in this office was different. Perhaps I’ve been through this way too many times but right off the bat I informed them that I’ve been to a few dentists, I’ve been told this, that and the other and I’m here today just to have my regular cleaning.

Then my new hygienist simply said “Ok.”

She still suggested other less complicated procedures but steered clear of that one big ticket item every dental office I’ve been to has pressured me to do.

So guess what? I plan to go back to this place for my next visit and the next and for whatever dental needs I might have in the future.

Remember this, whether it be in business, relationships, or life in general:





But don’t push.

Be generous in helping and courageous in exploring alternatives.

Zig Ziglar once said “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help people get what they want.”

It’s always a two-way street,


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