What's Your Happiness Playlist?

With a click of a button, the stress that was debilitating me didn't just go away, it magically transformed into, dare I say, happiness. It worked like the genie from Aladdin where things changed with a snap of a finger. Except this was real life and instead of snapping my fingers, I hit a button. The Play button on my Spotify app.

It has been a tried and tested hack that has helped me and millions of others. One of a reliable few I have in my back pocket when I need a quick fix. An immediate cure to get me out of a funk. To be inspired in an instant. To feel a little bit better, enough to breathe and think clearer.


I don't know exactly how it works but it does its magic each time I turn to it. No matter how anxious, no matter how sad, no matter how defeated, no matter how nervous or scared I feel. The right kind of music instantly makes it all go away and transports me to my happy place.

And it's not only when I feel bad that I use it. It can transform an ordinary moment, like when you go for a walk or work out or even washing the dishes, into something fun, even magical. I listened to the new Willy Wonka soundtrack on my walk today and as soon as I hit Play, there was a spring to my step, each foot rhythmically aligned to the beat of the song I was listening to and I felt as if the entire cast was behind me walking in tune with my every step. It made an ordinary activity something extraordinary and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. So simple yet so powerful.


Try it. Don't even think twice next time you're in a funk. Play a familiar song from when you were younger. Something you and your friends or your spouse listened or danced to as soon as you heard it. Close your eyes and let it carry you to those times when not much mattered, when it was enough just to be around those to love, when you were more carefree and didn't worry about every little thing. When you were happy. Because you still are and all of those things. You just allowed the noise to block out the beautiful music.

Turn it up,