Tiny Tweaks Make a Difference

My best friend and I spent last weekend with our friend in St. Louis. Her family just moved to the US from the Philippines when a prestigious hotel hired her husband as an Executive Chef.

He cooked all our meals and every single dish was excellent. There was no need to eat out. Everything he served us was top-of-the-line delicious.

Naturally, my best friend and I asked for the recipe for this, that, and the other. He'd gladly share them and I noticed they weren't vastly different from how I'd typically prepare them. There would either be just one or two extra spices (some just a pinch needed) or an added step in the prep or actual cooking. Despite the small differences, his dishes came out way better.

It's the same thing with how we treat ourselves, how we go about our work, reach our goals, or in our general personal development. It doesn't always have to be one bold move. Little tweaks here and there pointed at the right direction count. They add up. They compound.

Starting to walk for 20 minutes a day is huge.

Writing one page a day matters.

Saving $100 each payday makes a difference.

Initially carving out just 30 minutes each night for quality time with your kids is invaluable.

Each of these examples may seem small but after months and years of doing this, you'll realize the magnitude of the seed you planted, because they grow as you go. That 20-minute walk will turn into an hour. That one page of writing a day will turn into a book. That $100 set aside every payday will turn into thousands of dollars. And those precious minutes with your child will turn into bigger bonding activities (and a deeper relationship) down the line.

Don't be afraid to start small. Baby steps are the invisible leaps you take with everything you want to do, be, and achieve. Never underestimate the power of consistency - it can snowball your tiny tweaks into giant wins.

There's no better time to start than today,


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