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When All Is Calm, All Can Be Bright

I’ve already checked off more than half of my Christmas list and intend to complete it before the middle of December. Decorations are up, tree in place, saturating the house with its familiar intoxicating fragrance.

I’m purposely ahead of my usual schedule as I plan on fully immersing myself in the spirit of the season without the distraction of a million to-do’s, so I can just be.

Be present.

Be relaxed.

Be engaged.

I want to be able to embrace the fullness of the present. Sink into the warmth of simply being surrounded by people I love. I want to stare at twinkling lights for as long as I want to. To enjoy quiet solitude and stillness.To not miss any of the details and moments so beautiful that I might brush off had I been busy being busy. I want to pause long enough until I’m saturated in gratitude and learn, even when this season is over, that when all is calm, all can be bright.

I wish you a peaceful and joyful month of December.

A Life Well Lived

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