Are Ready for 2023?

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Gosh almighty.

Did some shopping the other day and they've already started putting up holiday decor.

At least in the US, they used to wait until Halloween and Thanksgiving are over. Unlike in some countries in Asia, where there are less marketed holidays aside from Chinese New Year, Christmas is pretty much the main event everyone looks forward to each year. Holiday preparations begin as early as September and Christmas trees are not put away until January, some even February.

But I guess times are changing...and it feels like it's flying right past me. It seems to even pick up speed each year. You welcome the new year, next thing you know you're frolicking in the summer and in what feels like a blink of an eye, the weather's getting cooler, you stay under the blankets longer and next thing you know you're thinking of your Christmas list.

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It makes me realize how short of a time we really have in this lifetime. And it makes it all the more precious. Even more, it makes me want to make the most out of it.

I look back at the goals I've set at the beginning of this year. Some of them have been met and some are still coming to fruition. I'm a strong proponent of setting goals. Otherwise, we'll just go through life striving for vague goals, which, in the end, lead to vague results.

I like honing in, as specific as I could, on the things I would like to manifest/do/create in the coming year. This is then followed by a plan with equally specific steps towards that goal. You can perform a bunch of activities that may appear to move you towards what you want to achieve BUT you have to be very selective of the ones that really push the needle. Those are the ones you focus on. You see, time invested does not necessarily correlate to traction gained. Purposeful, value-packed action does.

Soon, I will sit down and contemplate on the things I want to achieve in 2023. And the same strategy will apply.


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