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Dancing to the Beat of Your Own Drum

A friend saw a photo of a dresser I refurbished a few months ago and was inspired to work on a similar project. I visited the salon she owns a few weeks later and she showed me the finished product.

The workmanship was good.

But it was painted grey.

If you knew my friend, you'd know her taste is loud.

She's a hot pink and purple kind of gal. You'd know this upon entering her salon where you'd immediately be transported to Barbieland, where her grey refurbished dresser stood out like a sore thumb.

"Why grey?", I asked.

She replied that that's the shade most furniture flippers used in the videos she watched on YouTube.

That kind of choice is pretty common.

Picking something chosen by many instead of what resounds the most with who you really are.

Be it with clothes.

With the people you choose to hang out with or to emulate.

With the businesses you choose to start.

The books you read.

The opinions you adopt.

There is a tendency to parrot what's popular.

To squeeze yourself within the safety of the grey majority.

When deep down, your heart screams and yearns and is happy with pink.

The world needs to see your true color.

It's what makes you interesting.

It's what makes life fun.

Embrace your authenticity.

Make your own kind of music.

And dance to the beat of your drum.

Don't let who you are, what you have to say, and your creativity be dulled by trying to be like everyone else.

Because everyone else is waiting for someone like you to liven up and add some color to their monotonous world of grey.


A Life Well Lived Team