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Freedom is Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

It feels like we're living in a world that is growing more and more negative.

Like it's the "in" thing to do.

You say something innocent and someone's ready to chime in with something negative.

"It's a beautiful day!"

"Oh, it's going to be 90 degrees later. I'm not looking forward to that!

"This is delicious!"

"That probably has a ton of calories!"

"I love going on my walks."

"Oh! My mom's friend just had hip surgery. She's not going on any walk any time soon!"

I mean anything you say will be met with something to dampen the mood. Some people won't even acknowledge what you just said and would jump right in as if on autopilot complaining how bad something is, how the world is so unfair, so unsafe, so hopeless.

Just energy vampires.

They suck out all your good energy until you're dry.

Sometimes, they don't even really know what they're talking about nor have firsthand information. They heard it from someone who heard it from somebody else.

It's not "cool" to be negative.

One does not appear smart just by contradicting someone else.

It's not nice not to acknowledge what someone just shared and go off on a completely different tangent of doom and gloom.

Habitual complainers are exhausting.

There's no need to instigate fear.

It's unnecessary, and ungrateful, to put people, businesses, and organizations down especially if the comfort and freedoms you so enjoy are the direct fruits of their efforts.

Don't overlook what's good with the bad minority.

There's way more beautiful things to see, do, be, and experience. Don't let the fear of the unlikely what ifs spoil your chances to explore amazing possibilities.

You're free to do whatever you wish.

Free to choose who to love.

Free to choose what to do for a living.

Free to choose your friends.

Free to choose what places to visit or settle in.

You're free in about all aspects of the word.

We all have the same destination.

We all share the same finite time on this planet. It will be the same ending for all of us, no exceptions.

And with that in mind, we really have nothing to lose.

No matter who you are, where you were born, how good or bad the cards you've been dealt...you will leave this earth as naked as you came in.

We all have limited time.

And the real golden ticket is the freedom to use that time however which way we wish while we still have it.

And living it in possibility, soaking in positivity, sounds like the funner ride to me.


A Life Well Lived Team

"Misery might love company but so does joy. And joy throws much better parties."
- Billy Ivey

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