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Finding Harmony in Focus

Rachel is legendary for her parties. She throws the most elaborate ones whether it be for a baby shower, a birthday, an anniversary, or her own wedding.

She always has a theme and her events just keep getting better and better.

The most recent one was a Mario Brothers birthday party for her youngest son. From the invitations that arrived to how the food was laid out to the decor in and outside her house, we all legitimately felt transported to Mushroom World.

Her life outside of these parties is another story. Her house is usually a mess, piled high with clutter from party supplies past, present, and future, weeks' worth of unlaundered clothes, sink always filled with stacks of dirty dishes.

Her relationships reflect the same chaos - from constant bickering with her husband, non-stop complaints about her job and a growing distance between her and her oldest daughter.

But somehow, when it's showtime for a party, she transforms into a totally different person. She gets herself together and effortlessly wears the hat of master organizer. She manages to fluidly orchestrate a million different pieces with her eyes closed. Like a world-class conductor of a 40-piece orchestra, creating harmony and beautiful music with a precision that can only be attributed to experience and love.

She LOVES her parties.

She gets such a high from the planning and organizing all the way to the execution.

Her passion for it is so intense that she transforms into a totally different person.

Her vision comes into focus and every action and decision is guided by making that a reality.

You cannot distract her into doing anything unrelated to the event until it's over. During this party planning season, life, as chaotic as it may appear on the outside, is actually quite simple for her. She has a goal (a superb event), and if it has something to do with it, it gets her time and attention. If not, it gets ignored.

That attitude has allowed her to get things done.

That strategy has produced many memorable experiences.

That mindset has transformed vision after vision into reality.

If you applied that same focus to your own life, what do you think you could accomplish?

If you dug deep and figured out what it is, that one thing, that brings you the ultimate joy and focused solely on making that a reality, not chasing multiple false dreams at the same time, what would your days be like? How easy would it be to make decisions?

Life would be simple.

Traction toward your one goal, your vision, would come easy. Because it would be as clear as night and day what deserves your time and attention and what doesn't. Distractions won't be as hard to avoid. Saying no to things that don't align with your goal won't bring any guilt or regret.

And when it comes to showtime, you can ease into a smile knowing you've done everything you could and are now more than ready to create beautiful music.


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