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Poverty is not having too little, it's the never-ending want of more

Think of something you're currently dying to have. It could be anything - a new car, new clothes, the latest phone...

How do you think you'll feel once you have it? How do you picture your life changing once it's in it?

Now, look around you and pick something that you now possess that not too long ago you only wished you had. Did it have the same impact you thought it would when you finally acquired it? Does it still bring the same joy you had the day you bought it? Do you still take care of it? Do you even notice it?

Many people chase things thinking it would make them happy. Like a cure that would remedy something missing in their lives. Something to fix what feels broken. Something to fill a void, an emptiness.

But reality will never fail to remind you that material things don't provide lasting happiness.

Proof is that most of the same people constantly complain that they don't have this, that, or the other. There's always something on their wish list. Always something waiting on their Amazon shopping cart waiting for the next pay day to checkout.

There's always something that they need to just absolutely have, endlessly chasing something new and never satisfied with what they got yesterday.

It's a form of poverty mentality, thinking you have too little when in fact you have way more than you need. Constantly wanting more and failing to be grateful for what you do have will always make you feel lacking.

When in fact, you're rich in health.

Rich in relationships.

Rich in experience.

Rich in wisdom.

Rich in time.

Rich in opportunities.

Rich in love.

You have all these, on top of all your posessions you've only once dreamed of and now have. You're surrounded not just by every necessity you could ever need but with luxuries on top.

The next time you're itching to own another piece of luxury, the latest tech, the "in" handbag, ask yourself if the amount to be spent could be better invested in something more substantial that can make the quality of your life better - on new experiences that nurture your soul, in feeding your relationships, in learning and expanding your mind, in your health to extend your time on this planet or in helping other people who don't have the same advantages as you do. And more often than not, what you get back is more than the price you paid for.


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"It doesn't matter what you get if you're always left wanting more."

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