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"Strip things of the legend that encrusts them." - Marcus Aurelius

I recently attended a party and enjoyed good food and great conversations. One of them was with a lady I've heard not so nice things about. We've seen each other in many parties thrown by our common friend. We'd say hi, make small talk for a minute, and that was pretty much it.

But at this party, hi turned into chit chat which turned into almost an hour long conversation. We just eased from one topic to another and I found myself thoroughly enjoying her company. We had more in common that I thought and she appeared nothing like the things I've heard about her. Quite the opposite.

For years, I've had this impression of her, formed by the opinions of some friends we share. It had been clouded by their own perspectives which I allowed to prevent myself from getting to know this lady better.

This happens not just with people. We can experience this same delusion when it comes to other things, like our goals and dreams, even things we believe to be true about ourselves. That some things are "out of our league" because of the opinions we've heard from other people - our parents, friends, coworkers...We succumb to their perspectives before we even give that thing, or our ourselves, a chance.

We are surrounded by very opinionated people, often forgetting that their opinions are just that - opinions. Perspectives confined and shaped by their own personal experiences, limitations, fears and biases. It is not necessarily the truth. It is just their belief. Their point of view. Which may or may not actually share.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with that lady and I sensed she felt the same, as she warmly waved and smiled saying "Bye, Marge!" as she saw me leaving the party.

Maybe she also had her own perception of me all these years, and happily realized they were all wrong.

A Life Well Lived Team

"If you judge a book by its cover you might miss out on an amazing story."

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