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Suffering from an Intolerable Person?

It's easy to judge, avoid, even hate people who have a bad attitude. That relative. That neighbor. That co-worker. That rude driver on your way to work.

There's someone who somehow rubs us the wrong way.

They could be mean, condescending, dismissive, argumentative, arrogant, angry...

But if you take a deeper look, there's a common theme lurking behind the scenes. Behind their seemingly strong fascade. Behind their words. Behind their crude actions.

It is despair.

Despair for attention...for self-worth...for love.

Take a good look at their lives and relationships (or lack of), and picture what they're surrounded by the moment they wake up, how their typical day goes and how they manage to sleep knowing they have to relive the same day all over again.

Another day alone.

Another day with aches and pains.

Another day not noticed.

Another day without anyone checking in on them to see if they're ok.

So when they have a chance to be out with other people, that pain and bitterness sometimes translate into bad behavior.

Because hurt people tend to hurt other people. Masking what they truly feel, trying to appear like they have it all together and reflecting that pain by nitpicking on other people. Through anger, gossip, rudeness, negativity, habitual complaining...

These are just the masks of despair. Next time you encounter them, don't be easily fooled that what you see is the same face hiding behind it.


A Life Well Lived Team

"Compassion is to look beyond your own pain, to see the pain of others." - Yasmin Mogahed

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